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Session 1


Technology has changed the way we live our everyday lives.  From setting our alarm clock, to buying our food, to communicating with our friends, to socialising at the weekend, technology is shaping the world we live in. We use so much technology from day to day, why shouldn’t we use this technology in school? But when we do use technology, we have to be safe and respectful.

What do you think e-Safety is?

The ‘e’ in e-safety stands for electronic so we can be talking about any kind of electronic device like a phone, tablet, computer or games console. We also mean the way we use the internet too.

Task 1: Read the e-Safe Rules on the Home Page.

  •  Do you understand them?
  •  Do you agree with them?

Task 2: Talk to the person next to you about the different technology you use.

  •  Make a list of all the different types of technology you use.
  •  Share the list with the group.
  •  How many are there?

Task 3: Look at the slideshow

  •  What are the possible solutions?

Task 4: Go to the Report a Problem page.

  • Discuss with teacher how to report issues.
  • List when you might use this page.
  • Click the CEOP button.


  • Look at the website.
  • List when would you use this report button