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Session 2

The Internet is great for communicating, research and playing games but it requires an understanding of safety and security. This session will look at some of the risks involved when using computers, mobile phones or surfing the internet. We will also look at the different measures to take to secure our personal information.


Task 2: Watch the short film below.

Will this be the future?



We need to protect our computers and devices. We need a firewall. So, what is a firewall? Watch the video below and then go on to Task 3

Task 3: Go to the Sorted website http://www.childnet.com/sorted/ Click on the different silhouettes to find out about security and protection. Answer these questions: What is a Firewall? What is anti-virus software? What is Spyware? What is Trojan? What can you do about Pop Ups?- How can you prevent SPAM or Phishing Scams? What makes a safe password? Task 4: Practise each security measure: Locate the security settings

Check the Firewall is switched on and Anti-virus is installed

Locate the junk email icon and know how to report any junk mail as phishing

Go into Internet Options

Turn on Pop-up blocker

Task 5: Watch the video on malware

OK, so let’s recap…watch the video to remind yourself of the different types of malware


  • Make sure your Firewall is turned on.
  • Install anti-virus software.
  • Use strong passwords with numbers and letters.
  • Have different passwords for different websites.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Only open email attachments from people you trust.
  • Regularly back up your files, photos etc.
  • Switch browser security settings to high.
  • Install recommended updates.
  • Turn on Pop-up Blocker
  • Don’t post any pictures, videos or messages that you wouldn’t like your parents to see.