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Session 5

Radicalisation and Extremism

During this lesson we will learn about the different types of extremism and how people can be radicalised. Within your group, discuss some of the questions below and read some of the definitions. There are also some videos to watch on the Side by Side website.

Task 1: Q & A

What is radicalisation?

  • Radicalisation is the way in which extremists get other people to join them and believe that crime and violence is the right way to support a cause.

What is extremism?

  • Ideas and actions that are far outside the ‘norm’. Extremists make things happen by encouraging hatred, violence or with criminal acts.

Who are extremists?

  • People stereotype Muslims as extremists because terrorist acts are being carried out by some Muslims…BUT extremists are from different religions, cultures or countries.

So what causes extremism?

  • Hopelessness or a sense of powerlessness

Lack of education and poverty

Unemployment and despair about the future

Feeling you are a victim of some injustice

Occupation of your home country by foreign forces

Task 2: Who are the terrorists?

Take a look at this slideshow to see some of the biggest terror attacks carried out around the world. Try to guess who carried out such awful terror attacks..

So, what is the answer to extremism?








What kind of person is radicalised?

  • Feels alone or isolated
  • Sense of injustice
  • Difficult home life
  • Victim of bullying or hate crime
  • Desire for status/adventure/excitement

Signs a person is being radicalised:

  • Change in behaviour/appearance
  • Disassociates from friendship groups
  • Locks self away in bedroom – secretive use of internet
  • Increase in aggression and violence
  • Other criminal activity
  • Vocalises extremist views