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SMART Session 2

Task 1 – What do you do online?

The internet is an amazing place with lots of great things to do. We can learn all kinds of things from the internet.

Who do you think makes the sites we go on?




Task 2 – Fake Facts

Pair up with a partner and read this story from a website called ‘Facts About Iceland’ then answer the questions below..

The things we see and read on the internet are not always true. Anyone can make a site so it’s important to find out what you’re reading is true by going to another site to check.

Task 3 – REAL or FAKE?

Even photos can be untrue. Look at the 6 different images below. Some have been edited, whilst some are actually real. Vote on whether you think the images are real or fake, and explain your choice.

Answers are:

  • Picture 1: FAKE – The colours of this landscape have been edited to seem more vivid.
  • Picture 2: FAKE – The picture has been edited to remove the people so the clothes seem to float.
  • Picture 3: REAL – This is a real picture of a sinkhole in Guatemala City in 2010.
  • Picture 4: FAKE – The colours of the eye have been edited.
  • Picture 5: FAKE – The man’s smile has been made to look bigger.
  • Picture 6: REAL – This is an optical illusion created by painting a scene on to the side of a building.

How did you do? How many did you guess right?

Task 4

  • Watch Chapter 2 of the SMART Crew


R – Reliable. Information on the internet may not always be true; anyone can put information on the internet. Always check by looking at other websites, in books, or with someone who knows.