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Careers, Advice and Guidance


At White Bridge College, we are committed to providing our students with a programme of careers education. Tailored careers advice and guidance prepares students for the challenges of adulthood and working life.  We recognise that some students will need more support and guidance than others to help them make aspirational and appropriate career choices, this guidance is given through 1:1 sessions, PSHE lessons, and through direct events and workshops


When delivering careers education, we ensure that information about learning options and careers advice is presented impartially, and that the advice promotes the best interest of our students.




The aims of outstanding, impartial careers education may be summarised as follows:

  • Empowering young people to plan and manage their own futures
  • Responding to the needs of each learner
  • Providing comprehensive information and advice
  • Raising aspirations
  • Actively promoting equality of opportunity
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Helping young people to progress


Meet Our Careers Advisor


Ms Beever from ‘Positive Steps’ is White Bridge College’s Careers Adviser offering independent and impartial information, advice and guidance to pupils on their future career plans.


Ms Beever is based in school every Monday and Tuesday.


During the school year, pupils will have the opportunity to meet with Ms Beever in one-to-one interviews and small group sessions.  Interviews will take place in school and she can also arrange home visits, if required.


We encourage parents and carers to be part of their child’s future career aspirations and parents are welcome to attend their child’s careers appointments. 


Ms Beever can be contacted by emailing Ann.Beever@positive-steps.org.uk


Who Are Positive Steps?


Positive Steps are a charitable trust that delivers a range of targeted and integrated services for young people, adults and families.  Once of the services they provide is Careers Guidance in schools and colleges, supporting young people to make well informed and realistic decisions about their career pathways and future.  They also work with young people who are not in education, employment or training to help them to find opportunities.