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The Curriculum

The curriculum offer is based around a creative / thematic model where students undertake projects that draw upon a range of subjects. The Project carousel at present involves:

Autumn 1 – Manchester:

The Manchester topic helps to ensure pupils are prepared for life in the modern world by teaching them about where they are from, their local area and how that connects them to the wider world. They will gain a historical perspective of Manchester by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts and seeing the relationships between local events and how they then relate to regional and national events. They will look at Manchester’s changing landscape from the Industrial Revolution to the way the city reacted to the Manchester arena bombing. They will learn to share their opinions on things that matter to them and explain their views.

Autumn 2 – The Victorians

Throughout this topic students will gain an understanding of the significance of the Victorian era in history. They will look at how the past has shaped modern day Britain. By the end of the topic they will have a secure knowledge of this part of British History and the topic inspire their curiosity to ask questions and discuss past events. By the end of the topic, students should be able to explain why the era was known as the ‘Victorian’ era, they should also be able to identify significant events in the era and be able to make connections between events from the Victorian times to the modern world of today

Spring 1 – Natural Disasters

Students will learn how increasingly complex geographical systems in the world around them is causing huge change. Current environmental issues such as climate change and deforestation will be looked at in depth. Students will also build on their knowledge of globes and maps whilst developing an understanding of the earth’s key physical and human processes. They will also look at the human impact on the earth and how certain actions can be attributed to natural disasters. 

Spring 2 – Heroes & Villains

Throughout this topic students will create a chronological journey through heroes and villains. They will start with the mythical ‘villain’ Medusa and give arguments for and against her villain title. Pupils will move throughout the ages through to modern day superheroes and sporting heroes. This topic will ask students to justify what makes a hero or a villain.

Summer 1 – Crime and Punishment

A topic that gives students opportunities to justify opinions with reasons. They will also be encouraged to evaluate other ideas that are different from their own. Significantly, they will look at the fundamental British Values of democracy, Rule of Law and individual liberty, developing a sound knowledge and understanding of the law and justice system on their society and how that could impact themselves. International governance in the wider world will also be introduced, in particular the differences in crime and punishment in the USA.

Summer 2 – Ancient Egyptians

Students will understand significant aspects of ancient history in the wider world, taking into consideration of cultures that are different to their own. They will learn about the different environmental and geographical aspects of Egypt and the importance of the River Nile in the past with comparisons to the Nile in modern day. Students will also gain an understanding in the methods of historical enquiry. They will look at how the evidence found in ancient tombs is used rigorously to make historical claims, whilst also discerning how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed. They will look in depth at the questions and confusion surrounding the life and death of King Tutankhamun.


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