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At Elmbridge in KS2 our curriculum is rich and varied and puts the needs of the children at its core. It has been designed to offer broad and balanced sessions which help our children develop their social and emotional needs whilst giving them the educational tools to help them to successfully return to main stream education or other specialist provisions. We follow a topic based approach and each half term a new topic is introduced which is our theme for the term. The primary team strive to promote an engaging, caring and nurturing nature for the children in KS2. When a new pupil starts at Elmbridge their learning needs are assessed during assessment week to support personalised learning.


In English we use our own KS2 long term and medium term planning to cover all aspects of the subject. English lessons are focused around the termly topic. Opportunites for reading and writing are incorporated throughout all lessons, not just in Literacy and the children have daily reading with the class teacher. Literacy lessons incorporate drama too to help the children express themselves and develop their speaking, listening and social skills.


In Numeracy we have also generated our own long term plan that incorporates objectives from the DfE National Curriculum. We focus on basic maths skills primarily so that the children are able to gain sucure knowledge in mathematics before the children are given opportunities and challenges to deepen their understanding of number. Children have daily 'maths skills' at the start of every morning. This task is part of their routine, helping them focus for the day ahead whilst also practising their basic multiplication, addition and subtraction skills. Children are assessed termly in maths with differentiated papers where they have a chance to review their learning from the previous term.


Art is a strong feature in the Primary curriculum at Elmbridge and is not only used as a way to enhance artistic skill but also as a way of nurturing our children who find it very relaxing and calming. Circle Time is also incorporated during art lessons as the children will all sit around one large table with the class adults and discuss relevant issues in a safe and calm environment whilst they are completing their art work.


PE is an important part of the primary curriculum. The children have a short ten minute PE session each morning before registration to help them focus and team build with each other. They also have a dedicated pe session each week which is taught by a qualified PE teacher. 


Learning Outside of the classroom is a significant part of the primary curriculum at Elmbridge. Swimming lessons also take place weekly to allow children to develop this important life skill and they also have a LMA session each week which is a martial arts scheme that teaches focus, calming breathing techniques and discipline. The children also have a dedicated half termly trip or educational visit that is connected to the termly topic. This gets them engaged, excited and gives them valuable experience of new environments.