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Maths Toolkit is an additional support package for functional skills in maths. Its aim is to reinforce students understandings of the basic methods need to solve contextual maths problems. 

The scheme currently being followed is based on Number and includes the following areas: 


  • Fractions - Adding and subtracting
  • Fractions - Multiplying and Dividing
  • Fractions - Simplifying and Equivalent
  • Multiplying integer & decimal numbers
  • Percentages (Introduction)
  • Prime Factor Decomposition
  • Proportion (Best Value and Recipes)
  • Proportion
  • Ratio (Sharing and Dividing)
  • Ratio
  • Standard form

Each of these areas should be covered in approximately 4 lessons. So recommended study time 50 x 40 minute lessons this equals 35 hours of guided study. 

There are three more units covering Algebra, Geometry and Statistics these are of similar size and take a similar amount of of guided study time to deliver.