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Elmbridge School

Elmbridge School is a Key Stage 2 & 3 Pupil Referral Unit for students between Year 3 and Year 9 who have been permanently excluded from mainstream education. We believe this to be a place where pupils are supported to prepare for reintegration back into learning. We are passionate about all pupils fulfilling their potential and provide a fresh start for all within a caring supportive environment.

Pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum within a holistic educational experience which aims to fill in gaps in their learning, enable them to make progress, improve social skills, resilience and self-awareness and enable them to move on to the next phase of their education with confidence.


Our aim at Elmbridge:

Provide a safe and supportive educational setting for young people who have been Permanently Excluded from mainstream education– with a view to a fresh start at a new mainstream setting.

Provide ‘focused respite’ in terms of breaking cycles of conflict, often rooted in high-anxiety and fight responses – particularly where there has been a relatively sudden escalation and short history of behaviour concerns.

When available: We provide time-limited intervention for young people on ‘Step Out’ placements This would be in six-week blocks

Provide a smaller yet mainstream-orientated setting whereby a young person with questions around the nature of their needs and roots of their disruptive / aggressive presentation can be placed under a ‘gentle scrutiny’ through observation and assessment.

Formulate a programme of mentoring that will make inroads into a young person’s perspective of themselves, others, and the value of learning – with a view to this being carried forward by their mainstream school / special school.

Provide practical, constructive recommendations to the student’s future school in terms of the work they can carry forward for the young person – with a view to preventing behaviour escalating in the future.

Establish / re-establish working relationship between school professionals, family, and any outside agencies.

The cohort is split into five classes: four at KS3 and one primary class (a possible 32 student places in total), with each class having a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant.


Key Contact

Mr D.Warwood: Head of Centre– 0161 214 8484 / 07970371882 email: d.warwood@tprs.tameside.sch.uk