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Physical Education



All topics will be delivered through Refereeing, Coaching and Performance pathways designed to both develop student’s confidence, self-esteem and trust and also to break down barriers to learning and participation thus giving all learners the opportunity to engage fully within the curriculum. A wide range of sports/ activities are offered with students having a choice giving them ownership and investment in their program of learning.


Refereeing; Learners willdevelop understanding of rules and regulations so they can effectively and fairly officiate games/ activities.


Performance; Learners will acquire and develop skills and apply these in games situations.



Coaching; Learners will develop understanding of sports/ activities giving confidence to   lead others in a coaching role.


As well as traditional sports/ activities students are also given opportunity to learn outside the classroom which further supports personal and social development. Regular visits to local community fitness centres and country parks enables a more exciting and engaging PE curriculum as well as promoting both community cohesion and integration whilst also developing the confidence, self-esteem which in turn promotes habitual lifelong participation in physical activity.