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Remote Learning: Student Expectations


Pupils are expected to uphold the following expectations for Remote Learning.


I will:


Arrive on time to all my online lessons, following the schedule and log-in details provided by




Ensure that I have all my equipment ready before the lesson starts.


Keep my camera / web cam turned off at all times during lessons unless my teacher asks me to


turn it on.


Under no circumstances record the lesson, or share any images from the lesson on any platform.


Keep my microphone muted unless the teacher asks me to speak, and mute myself when I have




Only use the ‘chat’ function if directed to by a teacher / staff member, and only for the purpose


they specify.


Ensure that I use appropriate, respectful language when communicating verbally or digitally.


Stay focused on my lesson and ready to contribute my thinking at any point.


Use the ‘raise my hand’ function in order to ask or answer a question.


Gain permission from the teacher if I need to leave the lesson for any reason.


Behave in sensible, kind and courteous way throughout the lesson.


Follow instructions promptly.


Complete tasks to the best of my ability.


Be a positive role model as a member of my school