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Remote learning Parental agreement

Remote Learning Parent/Carer Agreement

For Parent / Carers


When pupils are learning remotely, they are joining ‘live’ lessons.


Their teachers may be streaming the lesson from school or from another location, depending on the circumstances.


Our expectation is that pupils continue to follow the full academic curriculum, attending lessons every day and participating fully.


We expect pupils to behave respectfully and to apply themselves to their studies.


We value your support in ensuring that your child learns safely and helps to keep others safe.

Parents are expected to uphold the following principles:

As a parent/carer I will:

Ensure, as far as possible, that my child can access their online lessons in a quiet environment.

Support my child’s personal organisation so that they attend lessons punctually, in accordance

with their timetable.

Encourage my child to participate fully in online lessons and to complete independent work set

by the teachers.

Ensure that no element of an online lesson is recorded by my child, family members or myself.

Avoid making any comments, or sharing any material, on social media that could identify my

child, their school or staff.

Ensure that my child takes care of any equipment that they have been loaned by the school and

uses it only for the intended purposes.

Report any concerns that I have about my child’s learning with appropriate staff at the school.